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You are a member of  Works council  or your company's sports association and you are looking to organize a "team building" action to create or strengthen links between your employees by strengthening their cohesion and solidarity.

You are  Company manager or customer relationship manager  and you want to offer your customers a friendly sporting meeting in a relaxed atmosphere conducive to perpetuating your relationships.

You are a member of  Students' desk  (BDE) of your university or college and you want to organize a competition in an innovative and fun discipline.

Do not hesitate ! Dodgeball is the activity you are looking for!


Football is too common ... too masculine, rugby too dangerous, volleyball too demanding ... 

Dodgeball is the team sport you are looking for!

Friendly, fun and mixed, this innovative discipline will offer a real sporting experience to all participants. With the discovery of a new activity, they will start on an equal footing, allowing everyone to find their place. 

Be Dodge organizes "turnkey" events for you, in the room of your choice or in one of our partner gyms near you! 


Free quote without obligation

Services from 390 € TTC.

All our services include  :  

- The provision of specialized facilitator (s),  graduate (s)  and experienced,

- An introduction to the sport and its rules,

- Refereeing and match management,

- The provision of the necessary equipment

Fill in the following information, we will get back to you as soon as possible to organize your project.

For any questions, you can contact us at or by email

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