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Dodgeball is a team sport  between two teams  of 6 players,  on a plot of approximately 16 meters in length by  8 meters wide.

Largely inspired by the “prisoners' ball”, it turns this traditional playground game into a real sporting discipline.

The objective is to eliminate as many opposing players as possible for a 3-minute round, using 3 or 5 Be Dodge balls put into play simultaneously, depending on the rules chosen.

There are several ways to eliminate opposing players, the main ones being to hit them with a ball or catch their throws.

The team with the most players on the field at the end of a round wins.



Codified mainly by the Anglo-Saxon countries (England, USA), Dodgeball acquired a European federation in 2010: the EDBF .  Since then, around twenty nations are affiliated with  FDF , national federation which was created in France in 2013. In 2015, an international federation representative of all the continents  saw the light of day: the  WDA

Practiced in 2015 by more than 5 million players in more than 50 countries, Dodgeball remains a confidential sport in many of them, especially in France.

However, the playful aspect of this game, its accessibility and the ease with which it can be implemented make it an exciting discipline to practice.

Although its basics are inspired by the prisoner ball, Dodgeball is far from easy. At high level, it is a physically and mentally demanding sport, where skill and power are as important as agility and self-control.

Many competitions have thus emerged in recent years.

In France, the   FDF . annually organizes the National Challenge bringing together all French clubs.

At European level, 2 annual tournaments take place under the leadership of  the EDBF  :

• the Six Nations Tournament, which brings together the British countries, Eire and France

• the European Championships in which around fifteen Nations participate.

On a global scale, the first World Cup is organized by the  WDA  in 2016 in Manchester  and will be the most prestigious international event.

Dodgeball is fast becoming the fastest growing sport in the world today. The prospect is now its recognition by the Olympic bodies in order to incorporate the disciplines present at the Olympic Games by 2034.

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